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Owning a home can come with unexpected repairs as appliances and mechanical systems all have a normal life span, and can stop functioning at any time. This is where a home warranty comes into play.

A home warranty agreement is a service contract provided by a third party that pays towards the repair or replacement of any covered appliance or home system that malfunctions under the normal wear-and-tear conditions of use. Home warranties provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers alike.





Who pays for the warranty – buyer or seller – that’s negotiable. As your realtor, I will always try to negotiate for my buyers to have the seller pay for their home warranty. This allows my client’s to have peace of mind after receiving the keys to their new home. Having a home warranty in place allows buyers to move in with confidence, knowing that their appliances and the other major mechanical systems of the home are covered and protects them from unexpected costs. New home owners are generally short of money, so the risk of having to pay for a pricey HVAC repair is just too much for them to manage. Having to repair or replace a heating and cooling system could cost thousands of dollars. With a home warranty you’ll only pay a small service fee on covered items as stipulated in your warranty agreement.

A basic service contract will pay for the repair or replacement of the dishwasher, oven, range, garage door opener, water heater, disposal, wiring, plumbing, roof, furnace, central air and septic systems. There are numerous licensed providers of home warranties, and I encourage you to shop around.

The basic prices of warranties on single family homes are running approximately $400-$550 depending on your deductible. Coverage for optional items that add to the price include second refrigerators, water softeners, swimming pools, spas and free-standing appliances such as freezers, washing machines and dryers. Because your home warranty is renewed annually, you can always add items for coverage down the road.


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For sellers, a warranty can be a beneficial marketing tool. It gives the buyer peace of mind when considering writing an offer on your home, especially when they notice the appliances or mechanics are at the end of their projected life span. Some warranty companies also give sellers the option to purchase a home warranty when they list their home. Having this kind of warranty in place protects sellers from potential out of pocket repairs while the home is listed for sale. It also protects you in the event of something breaking down in the home post close. If the warranty is in place, buyers refer directly to their provider to handle – and most importantly, to pay for – the issue. This also gives the seller peace of mind that the buyer will not be coming back after them when something unexpectedly breaks down right as the new owner takes possession.

Part of my job as your realtor is to make sure you’re protected for the unexpected when you are selling your home. A home warranty can do just that.